General Conditions of Transportation


“Conditions” means the present Delivery Conditions which are updated from time to time by MENTOR Express.

“MENTOR Express” means MENTOR Express SRL – a limited liability company, its affiliates and branches, employees and agents, as well as the independent contractors.

“Shipment” means postal parcels sent within the territory of one country as well as in other countries served by MENTOR Express. Moreover, it is one or more pieces, either boxes, or cargo sent on a single Waybill.

“Waybill” means any shipping documents, manifest, label, electronic entry or a similar element used in the tracking system of MENTOR Express.

“Sender” means a person (private or legal entity) whose name is mentioned on the Waybill as a Sender, or Shipper.

“Consignee” means a person (private or legal entity) whose name is mentioned on the Waybill as Consignee, or Beneficiary of the Shipment.


MENTOR Express offers services which represent the universal postal service, as well as those that are not included in the universal postal services.

MENTOR Express performs only one delivery attempt with a prior telephone communication with the Consignee whereby the Consignee confirms his availability at the delivery address on the agreed day and time. Any modifications made to the delivery address by the Sender will be charged in accordance with the standard or contractual prices.

The Sender must insure the full details of the delivery address and contacts of the Consignee. In case those are wrong or incomplete, the Sender assumes full responsibility for any delays beyond standard delivery terms or those mentioned in the contract.

MENTOR Express accepts for delivery only the Shipments packed and labeled accordingly by the Sender. By handing over the Shipment to the courier or operator of the MENTOR Express company, the Sender agrees with the present Conditions.

The Sender is responsible for the truthfulness of the information written on the Waybill.



MENTOR Express can accept only the Shipment that meet the following transportation criteria:

  1. Maximum weight per Parcel – 31,0 kg

For parcels that exceed above limit, please contact your local delivery agent.

  1. Maximum length per Parcel 175,0 cm

For parcels that exceed above limit, please contact your local delivery agent.

  1. Maximum height and width per Parcel 100,0 cm x 100,0 cm

For parcels that exceed above limit, please contact your local delivery agent.

  1. The Sender must insure the corresponding packaging depending on the Shipment’s contents, dimensions, weight and value, in such a way to insure the integrity and safety of the content of the Shipment during the pickup, transportation and distribution, as well as to exclude the damages to any other Shipment(s) and / or to the company MENTOR Express. The Sender is fully responsible for the damages resulted from violating the present condition of transportation.
  2. MENTOR Express does not carry any dangerous goods and prohibited items. The Sender is fully responsible for all the goods inside the vehicle eventually destroyed or damaged due to explosion, inflammation, corrosion or leakage of the dangerous goods / prohibited items, as well as for any other expense of MENTOR Express company as a result of transportation of such a Shipment.
  3. MENTOR Express has the right to open and inspect the Shipment without prior notification to the Sender in case if there are any suspicion regarding the contents of the Shipment.
  4. The Shipments cannot be delivered to the postal offices or mailboxes. The Shipments are delivered to the address of the Consignee provided by the Sender. In order to register the delivery MENTOR Express can use electronic devices, and the Sender has no objection to storing this information in electronic form or on paper as a prove the service was provided. All proves of delivery are stored during the period of 6 (six) months.
  5. If Consignee refuses the Shipment, refuses to pay the value of the Shipment or transportation charges, or if the Consignee cannot be located or identified at the delivery address (the address does not exist or is wrong, the Consignee is missing at the address, etc.), MENTOR Express will take all possible and reasonable measures in order to locate the Consignee or to return the Shipment back to the Sender at his expense, calculated and paid separately. Moreover, having the confirmation form the Sender, MENTOR Express may deposit the Shipment for the period of 5 (five) days in its offices, deposits, free of charge; once the gratis period expires, a daily fee will be applied in the amount of 1,00 EUR per each day per cubic meter.
  6. In case if within 9 (nine) months, neither Sender nor Consignee will claim the Shipment, MENTOR Express becomes the owner of the Shipment without any notification to the Sender.
  7. MENTOR Express guarantees the delivery of the Shipments in good condition and compliance to the confidentiality rules. The deliveries are not done during non-working days, legal holidays, cases of force majeure or legal pursuit.
  8. MENTOR Express will inform the Sender within 24 hours’ time through any means of communication (telephone, written form, by fax or e-mail) about incomplete / wrong address or in case the Consignee was not present at the delivery address.
  9. MENTOR Express cannot be held responsible in any event for any indirect damages caused by any kind of negligence.



COD is a service which represents the payment by the Consignee to the Sender through MENTOR Express of the amount equal to the value or a part of the value of each particular Shipment. MENTOR Express will return the collected amounts within 14 working days to the Sender.

The collected amounts can be returned by MENTOR Express either in cash or via a bank transfer.


If MENTOR Express cannot start or proceed to delivery of a Shipment for any reason out of its control, the contract with the Sender will not be considered violated, nevertheless MENTOR Express will take all necessary measures in order to finalize the delivery of the Shipment. The events that are considered unpredictable are such as interruption of air or road transportation due to adverse weather conditions, fire, flooding, war, fight, public disorder, actions of the Government or other authority that can affect the operations of MENTOR Express in any way.


With the exception of the specially agreed terms, the payment for the services shall be done in accordance with the MENTOR Express standard price list. The prices are considered valid on the day when MENTOR Express receives the Shipment for delivery.

The MENTOR Express prices are calculated in accordance with the actual weight of the Shipment and its dimensional weight, whichever is greater. MENTOR Express has the right to re-weight and re-measure any Shipment to confirm the price.

The formula for the dimensional weight calculation is as follows: length x width x height / 6000.


  1. MENTOR Express is liable for the loss, destruction of the Shipments from the moment of the pickup until its final delivery to Consignee, within the limits of the declared value and in strict compliance with the present Conditions, only in case if MENTOR Express is responsible for the loss and / or destruction.
  2. The declared value of the Shipment shall be real, equal to its price during the transportation and justified by confirmative documents.
  3. Limits of liability of MENTOR Express equal to the Shipments delivery price multiplied by 10, but not more than its declared value.
  4. The Sender or Consignee can extent the limit of liability of MENTOR Express by paying 1% of the declared value of the Shipment.
  5. The Sender or the Consignee can claim the damages only within the limits of the declared value of the content of each Shipment separately and only if MENTOR Express was confirmed to be responsible for the loss and / or destruction of the Shipment.
  6. If Sender did not declare any value for the Shipment and the fee of 1% on the declared value was not paid, the liability of MENTOR Express is limited in accordance with paragraph (c) above.
  7. MENTOR Express is not liable for the correctness of the information declared by the Sender of the Waybill.
  8. MENTOR Express will not be held liable for any delays caused by the following events beyond the control of MENTOR including but not limited to:
    1. public authorities acting with apparent or actual authority;
    2. acts or omissions of Customs officials, riots, strikes, or other local disputes;
  • civil commotion;
  1. hazards incident to a state of war or weather conditions, or national, international or local disruptions in air or ground transportation networks;
  2. criminal acts of any person(s) or entities including acts of terrorism, strikes or anticipated strikes (of any entity, including but not limited to other carriers, vendors or suppliers);
  3. natural disasters, disruption or failure of communication and information systems (including, but not limited to, MENTOR systems);
  • mechanical delay or conditions that present a danger to MENTOR personnel


If the Sender or Consignee have any claims regarding the transportation of the Shipment, he or she shall deposit a written claim to MENTOR Express company within 14 days from the day the Shipment was sent and attaching a cash voucher or any other document proving the service was provided by MENTOR Express. The claim letter shall include all the failures of the service, losses, destructions or delays, which are to be verified and established with certainty. Any claim that was submitted after the above mentioned deadline shall not be considered.

The claimant has to offer all necessary proves to support his or her claim in order to perform a correct and complete investigation. Each claim is to be investigated separately for each Shipment.

MENTOR Express has the obligation to answer any claim in 3 months after it was received in company’s records.

In case the claim was resolved in favor of the claimant, he or she shall receive the reimbursement maximum within 30 days from the day the claim was resolved.


  1. MENTOR Express guarantees the following:
  2. to respect all the laws, regulations and rules that apply to the protection of the information or private life regarding the processing of the personal data in order to perform the transportation of the Shipment.
  3. to insure the security systems regarding the storage of the information in order to avoid an unauthorized or unlawful access to the information, and accidental loss, destruction or damage of these data.
  4. to process only the personal information that is necessary to perform the transportation of a Shipment.
  5. to store the information only for the reasonable period of time.
  6. By providing any kind of information to MENTOR Express company, the Sender accepts that MENTOR Express will use this information in order to execute its obligations per each Waybill and the Conditions. Moreover, the Sender agrees that MENTOR Express will share the data, including the personal information to Customs Department in case this is required for the clearance process. At the same time the Sender agrees that MENTOR Express will send the information to the MENTOR Express Corporation, its affiliates, branches and agrees that MENTOR Express will process in the same way the personal information of the Consignee.
  7. With reference to any information provided by the Sender and related to the Consignee or any third party regarding a Shipment, the Sender guarantees that they respected all the Laws regarding the personal data protection, including obtaining notifications and approvals to provide these data to MENTOR Express and the processing of these data by MENTOR Express in order to deliver a Shipment and, if the Sender provided any information about a Consignee or a third party regarding a Shipment, then the Sender guarantees, represents and acts as an agent on behalf of MENTOR Express, confirming that all the laws regarding the personal data protection were respected, including collection, transfer and processing of the these data by the person concerned.
  8. In order to execute the delivery of a Shipment, MENTOR Express has the right to use the services of subcontractors or agents and the information will be transferred only in order to provide the services related to the Shipment and in accordance with these Conditions.


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