MENTOR Express provides international and domestic courier services as well as other solutions to assist you.

International Courier

MENTOR Express provide international courier and logistic services designed to assist you in any type of delivery around the world by different means of transport. MENTOR Express provides you and your business with: Reliable and…


Domestic Service

MENTOR Express provides door to door express delivery and distribution service which reach you at any location. Domestic courier service offers a number of possibilities for you and your business by providing logical and cost…


Solutions for online shops

E-commerce is a fast growing market worldwide. Logistics is a cornerstone of this niche of the trading businesses. Choose wisely your partners in order to be number one in what you do! MENTOR Express has…



Among our standard services, MENTOR Express provides solutions designed to assist you in different areas. Besides the services mentioned above, MENTOR Express can provide support in the following fields: Warehousing Repacking Distribution MENTOR Express values…